Crafter Profile

Crafter Profile extends your website to help create personalized, engaging experiences with a full-featured user profile and account management capability.  User profiles are a necessary component in engaging in a bi-directional conversations with your site visitors.  Crafter Profile may be used as a standalone application that may be integrated with any existing Web application, or may be used right alongside Crafter Engine and Crafter Studio as part of a complete Web experience and content management solution.

Benefits for Marketers

With Crafter Profile, marketers and website owners can develop enduring relationships with their site visitors by leveraging secure login features and by gathering user profile information that may be used for content targeting and personalization.  Social login through popular media channels such as Facebook and Twitter may also be easily deployed.

Benefits for Developers

Crafter Profile enables developers to easily make any Web application user-aware.  By leveraging industry-standard, leading open source technologie such as Spring and MongoDB, Crafter Profile offers an architecture that is easy to integrate and scale out. Crafter Profile is 100% open source and provides Java and RESTful APIs making Crafter Profile platform independent, simple to integrate and easy to extend.

Built on MongoDB for extensibility and extreme scalability, Crafter Profile includes a multi-tenant profile attribute store, an admin console for user profile management, along with chained authentication with any existing authentication services including Active Directory, TAM, Crowd, Open Social. In addition, Crafter Profile can easily extend existing profiles without interfering with core repositories.

Benefits for IT Administrators

Crafter Profile extends existing profile and attribute stores through chaining.  With Crafter Profile administrators can integrate with existing sources of authentication such as Active Directory, CAS and others without interfering with them in anyway.  Crafter Profile is highly secure and easy to install and set up.


  • Capture any profile attributes with Crafter Profile's flexible profile design
  • Leverage existing authentication systems (AD, TAM, Crowd, Open Social etc)
  • Simple user administration
  • Role based security
  • Multi-tenant schema
  • Open RESTful API
  • Highly scalable

Crafter Profile and Crafter Social are two outstanding examples of how MongoDB can be used to provide the flexibility and scalability that is needed to grow with a company's Web demands.

Matt Asay, VP of Strategy and Business Development, MongoDB


Crafter Profile is free and open source software, and also leverages third-party open source software such as:

  • MongoDB for data storage
  • Spring Framework and Spring MVC for the front-end web application and administration console

Crafter Profile also provides open APIs for easy integration to third-party enterprise systems and web- or cloud-based services.