Crafter CMS

Crafter is an award-winning web content and experience management solution that allows organizations to build and manage rich online experiences on the web, mobile, social, and all digital online channels.

Built for the Era of Engagement

Crafter is designed from the ground up as a modern platform for the emerging era of engagement. Unlike traditional web CMS solutions that were built to simply manage content and build sites that were used for one-way communication, Crafter is designed to enable marketers and content editors to easily create engaging, two-way conversations with site visitors across all online channels.

Content First

Crafter Studio - the user-friendly content authoring and publishing application - offers a rich set of tools for creating and editing content that is core to creating a rich web experience.  Crafter Studio's features include WYSIWYG authoring, in context preview, content targeting and personalization, mobile device preview, easy workflow, integrated web analytics, and multi-channel publishing.

Crafter enables us to publish new content quickly, push ownership and responsibility to each publishing team, and provide total site control with minimal IT involvement.

Martha Stephenson, Senior Project Manager, Harvard Business Publishing

High Performance

Crafter runs one of the top 50 trafficked sites in the US.   Crafter Engine - the enterprise Java-based content delivery system - provides developers with a solid, scalable, and high performance web and mobile application platform to enable the super-fast, personalized web experiences that the business team needs to create.

There is a big gap in the open source web content management market, especially in the enterprise Java space. Crafter fills that gap.

Michael McCarthy, President, Tribloom


Crafter offers an open source, agile, and modern Java-based alternative to closed, proprietary WCM solutions from Oracle, Adobe, HP, Open Text, Documentum, and others.  And Crafter provides a much higher performance solution when compared to other open source  solutions that are closely-coupled to SQL databases or Apache Jackrabbit.

Crafter leverages best of breed free and open source software, including the Alfresco content platform, the Spring Framework, Freemarker Templating Language, Bootstrap, Google Analytics and Apache Solr.

Crafter Software offers two editions: 

  • Community Edition: Fully featured, free and open source (GPL v3) with community support.
  • Enterprise Edition: Commercial license and enterprise support for a low annual subscription cost.


Today, Crafter is delivering value to numerous mid- to large-size enterprises, non-profit, and government organizations, including many leading Global 2000 companies.   What's more, Crafter enterprise customers span a wide range of markets, including major media and publishing brands, financial services, consumer products, internet services, telecommunications, non-profits, government agencies, higher education, among many others.

As a result of its innovation and success,  Crafter has won numerous awards, including KMWorld's Trend-Setting Product of the Year, Alfresco's Solution of the Year, and Red Hat's Innovation Award.