The Full Power of Crafter CMS in the Cloud

Crafter CMS is a Radical New Approach to Content Management. Now Available in the Cloud. 

Traditional CMS platforms have remained stagnant for nearly 20 years and have not kept pace with today's need to support a high rate of innovation. They lack the ability to fit with modern DevOps processes and tools, and they do not easily deploy in the elastic cloud.  Crafter Cloud changes the game.


Create any kind of digital experience, ranging from augmented reality experiences to enterprise websites and everything in between.  Crafter CMS gives content authors simple, easy-to-use web-based tools to create and manage any kind of experience!


Rapid innovation requires the right tools for the job.  Crafter CMS' Git-based, distributed repository makes it simple for teams to work locally and together on feature branches.  Finally development teams can do parallel development and work with their own tools, debuggers and process.

Cloud Hosted

Crafter Cloud is an elastically scalable, Crafter CMS based platform that's 100% hosted and managed by Crafter Software.  There's no need to set up any servers, networks or other infrastructure.  Start building amazing digital experiences today!

SaaS Enterprise Web CMS

Crafter Cloud provides you a fully-managed, enterprise Web content management solution - unrivaled in the industry for its performance, capabilities, and price. For a low monthly fee, you get the power and flexibility of Crafter CMS combined with elastic cloud hosting, 24x7 support, and ongoing upgrades and maintenance. Focus on building and optimizing great digital experiences, while we take care of the rest!


Choose from a wide range of options to suit your enterprises needs for today... and tomorrow. Crafter Cloud scales out to meet the mission-critical Web CMS needs of the largest, most demanding enterprises, while providing the same robust capabilities to mid-size companies who can start smaller.

  • Starter Package (Single Site)
  • $995 / month
  • Everything you need to build and manage an enterprise website, and craft blazing fast, highly personalized digital experiences.  Provides access to a fully-supported, cloud-hosted Enterprise Edition of Crafter Studio and Crafter Engine. Integrate with other enterprise or cloud-based systems. Use your own domain name. 
  • 1 Site
  • 1 Publisher
  • 500 GB/mo bandwidth
  • 25 GB storage
Incremental Add-ons
Crafter Cloud OptionsMonthly PriceDescription
Add a Publisher $195 Publishers are users who may create, edit, manage, preview, and publish content to sites.
Add a Contributor $45 Contributors are users who may create, edit, manage, and preview content, but may not publish content to sites.
Add a Site $795 Need more than one site? Add a site and also get an additional 500GB/mo bandwidth and 25 GB storage.
Add Staging  $395 Adds additional site staging deployment environment for testing and advanced workflows. *Storage and bandwidth rates apply.
Add User Profiles $295 Adds Crafter Profile to a site so you may provide a secure login for your site visitors, along with priveleged content areas, social login (through Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels), and personalized experiences.
Add Social Engagement $395 Adds Crafter Social to a site so you may provide social engagement features on your site such as comments, ratings, discussions, blogs, and more.

Note: Starter Package requires purchase of Customer Success Consulting Package (one time $1,995 fee). All prices in US $. Prices based on a minumum twelve month commitment.

User Friendly Content Authoring Tools

Crafter CMS provides business users with powerful yet easy to use content authoring tools, drag and drop design, and in-context review capabilities that anyone can use.

Easy Integration

Crafter CMS's modern architecture, technology and connectors provide you with the perfect platform for integration with best of breed marketing automation solutions and your enterprise systems.

Multi-channel Experiences

It takes more than a responsive design to succeed in today's multi-channel environment.  Crafter CMS supports responsive, adaptive, and progressive design capabilities, and true multi-channel publishing.

High Performance Content Delivery

Crafter CMS is the highest performing, most scalable platform on the planet. So you're able to deliver blazing fast, highly personalized experiences to your target audience.

Personalization and Content Targeting

Engage your target audience with dynamic experiences that are immediately relevant to them with Crafter CMS's advanced targeting and personalization capabilities.

Most Modern Development Tools

Develop new experiences and services rapidly. By leveraging technologies like Spring, Freemarker and Groovy, Crafter is the world's most modern development platform in the cloud.

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