A scalable, customizable enterprise video solution: Crafter Video

Organizations of all types are increasingly using video in every aspect of their business. Training, education, communications, marketing, and customer experience are some of the areas that benefit from live and video-on-demand applications to better connect with employees, partners, and customers.

High Performance and Secure

Crafter Video delivers a modern, consumer-like user interface for all your enterprise video needs. The solution securely serves video anywhere to any device with role-based permissions, adaptive-bit-rate for specific devices and bandwidths as needed and integrating with your corporate authentication and authorization systems. Crafter Video can deliver a personalized experience for different audiences.

Cloud Native

Crafter Video is a scalable, cloud-native solution for all your enterprise video and OTT needs. The Crafter Video solution is built on Crafter CMS and is natively integrated with AWS Elemental Media Services, including tight integrations with AWS Elemental MediaConvert, AWS Elemental MediaLive, and AWS Elemental MediaPackage. Crafter's serverless architecture combined with AWS's elastic scalability delivers an unparalleled solution.

Easy to Customize and Configure

Crafter Video, as a solution built on Crafter CMS, allows you full control over the look-and-feel of the end user experience. Content editors and event managers can create custom, branded user experiences. Developers can extend the Video Center app and create entirely new capabilities and integrations for any type of video or OTT experience. Branded video portals, live streaming events with social engagement, and employee training solutions and more are easy to create using this powerful and flexible CMS-based solution.


User-friendly UI for content management and end-user video experience


Serverless architecture provides real-time scalability based on audience and event needs


From live streaming events to video-on-demand portals, all of your OTT video needs are covered


ABR video to accommodate device resolution and bandwidth limitations


Easily create branded, personalized experiences

Developer Friendly

Leverage Crafter CMS's React support and JS SDK to extend and customize