Building Content Rich Applications with Node.js

Building Content Rich Applications with Node.js

Over the last few years, Node.js and AngularJS have steadily proven their ability to enable developers to quickly create and deliver solutions. With more than 3.5 million users, the Node.js cross-platform runtime environment is one of the fastest growing platforms for web, Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise app development.

Most applications today are rich with content.  The most “sticky” applications update their content regularly and on the fly. Organizations typically use a Web Content Management System (CMS) to support this requirement.  But, Node.js is a development platform, not a Web CMS. Node.js developers need a solution that allows them to rapidly create content-enabled solutions, which can also be easily updated by non-technical business users. 

In this complimentary E-Book, we will demonstrate how you can leverage popular open source platforms -- including Node.js, Crafter CMS, and AngularJS -- to quickly develop content managed applications at blazing speed.

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