Five Reasons You Need A Git Based CMS

Five Reasons You Need A Git Based CMS

Inside the pages of this white paper, you'll discover the world’s first and only dynamic CMS based on Git and how it's revolutionizing the notion of a modern content management. Designed and built for today’s multichannel, fast-moving landscape that competes on innovation, Crafter CMS delivers where others fail because it’s designed and built differently.

You will learn how your CMS can finally be the tool that enables your entire team to innovate more, develop faster and deploy sooner.

In This White Paper You Will Learn:
  • Why traditional CMS platforms fail when you need them most
  • How a Git-based CMS assists both developers and editors with building and managing digital experiences
  • How Crafter CMS enables rapid and agile development, allowing content and code to flow seamlessly throughout development and publishing cycles
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    Crafter Software

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    White Paper, Git, Digital Experience, Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

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