Crafter Engine

Crafter Engine provides high-performance content delivery services to power any type of web, mobile, or social application.  Using  content published from Crafter Studio, Crafter Engine delivers a fast, dynamic web experience to the site visitors.

Benefits for Developers

Crafter Engines provides developers with simple but powerful tools to quickly build websites, and to easily integrate and customize where necessary. By leveraging industry-standard, leading open source technologies such as FreeMarker and Javascript, front-end developers can quickly build rich UIs for their website applications.

For Java developers, Crafter Engine enables rapid development of high-performance, flexible web and mobile applications. Built as an enterprise-grade JEE platform using the Spring Framework, Crafter Engine provides a solid infrastructure that not only integrates well with enterprise systems and deployment infrastructure, but also supports a full-range of presentation-tier technologies including lightweight scripting and REST-based APIs.

Benefits for IT Administrators

Crafter Engine is easily deployed on a wide range of industry-standard enterprise Java infrastructure including Apache Tomcat, JBoss, IBM and Oracle.  Content management and content delivery are decoupled and run separately, allowing each system to be optimized for its purpose, audience and scalability requirements. Multi-channel publishing is naturally supported, and mobile devices and applications are enabled by means of both native device support (iOS and Android) and HTML5 support.

Crafter allows us to scale with relative ease.

Matt Gersting, Team Lead, Full Sail University


  • Provides developers with the foundation of building high performance web and mobile applications. 
  • Java and REST-based APIs, enabling easy and rapid integration with other enterprise systems, content platforms, and internal / external data sources to build engaging web experiences for target audiences.
  • Support for plug-ins. A Crafter Plug-in is a mechanism for extending the core capabilities of Crafter Engine, allowing for additional services and automatically exposing them to the templating / presentation layer.
  • Scales out simply and horizontally - add more performance by easily adding more servers.


Crafter Engine leverages proven open source software such as:

  • Apache Solr for search and faceted navigation
  • Twitter Bootstrap for UI themes
  • Freemarker for the templating language
  • Spring Framework and Spring MVC for the front-end web application

Crafter Engine also provides open APIs for easy integration to third-party enterprise systems and web- or cloud-based services.