Crafter Training

Crafter CMS Training Overview

We offer a three-day developer training course, where attendees will learn how to build and manage engaging sites with Crafter CMS.

Through a combination of instructor-led sessions, demonstrations and labs, attendees will learn how Crafter can be used to manage web content and deliver engaging site visitor experiences. 

Using Crafter's next generation technology, we're able to quickly develop targeted content for our brand.

Stephen Ceplenski, Senior Director,


  • Key capabilities of Crafter for authoring and delivery of dynamic site content and visitor experiences.
  • Advantages of Crafter’s de-coupled architecture for managing web content separately from the delivery of content across multiple channels .
  • Create content models for websites in Crafter including the structured representation of websites, pages, components, and digital assets.
  • Create and administer custom authoring webforms used to develop engaging website content .
  • Develop page templates and dynamic UI components for your sites.
  • Configure and administer live in-context preview for websites and on mobile devices of all types.
  • Utilize Crafter in-context authoring tools for quickly building multi-channel experiences.
  • Configure publishing channels for websites, mobile apps, and social networks such as Facebook. 
  • Describe the Crafter underlying security model, and configure users, groups and roles.
  • Build and manage a new website from scratch in under 30 minutes.


  • Basic knowledge of Java, JavaScript, and Freemarker (or other templating languages)
  • Laptop (MacOS or Windows) with Crafter Community pre-installed
  • Laptop minimum specs: 4GB RAM

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