Crafter Studio

Crafter Studio is the content authoring, management and publishing application that allows marketers and content editors to create rich web experiences.  With a set of powerful and easy-to-use tools, content creators and managers can create timely content without any involvement from developers or IT administrators.  The power of creating rich content and delivering dynamic experiences is in the hands of business users with Crafter Studio.

With Crafter Studio, marketers are able to create different personas of the target audience and deliver tailored content to individual users or groups, building an engaging experience across the web, mobile, and social channels. Using its native integration with Google Analytics, or by easily integrating a third-party web analytics engine, Crafter Studio analytics are used to optimize the site’s performance for SEO, conversions, and other relevant web metrics.

Benefits for Marketers and Content Editors

Crafter Studio enables business users, marketers and content editors to easily create and manage sophisticated, dynamic Web experiences across multiple online channels.  Content authoring tools are powerful yet user-friendly.  The in-context preview capability enables content and dynamic behavior to be reviewed and optimized immediately.  Content targeting tools allow editors to personalize the message across all devices.  And workflow and publishing tools allow content to be delivered to end users rapidly.


  • Dashboards for tracking content tasks and workflow 
  • WYSIWYG authoring
  • In context preview for the web and all mobile devices
  • Workflow
  • Integrated Web Analytics 
  • Multi-channel publishing
  • Hooks for language translations services
  • Site blueprints to rapidly create new mini- and micro-sites from pre-defined templates

Crafter's easy-to-use interface simplified publishing of content.

Priyanka Komala, Project Director, National Academy of Sciences

Benefits for Designers and Agencies

Crafter Studio enables designers and web design agencies to easily create and update pages for the web and mobile devices without IT involvement. Crafter Studio’s complete set of design tools includes template creation/editing, page layout and design, dynamic widgets, digital asset and media management, internationalization, and more.

Open Content Platform

Crafter Studio is free and open source software, and also leverages third-party open source software such as:

  • Alfresco for library services, versioning, image transformation, digital asset management and content integration APIs
  • Spring Framework and Spring MVC for Studio's front-end web application

Crafter Studio also provides open APIs for easy integration to third-party enterprise systems and web- or cloud-based services.