Privacy Policy

Crafter Software Corporation respects the privacy of our customers and those who visit our site. No effort is made to identify individuals without their knowledge. When a visitor requests pages on the Crafter Software site, our Web servers and statistics package automatically recognize the browser's domain name and IP address.

We collect domain names and IP address information in order to aggregate information on what pages users access or visit. This information is collected solely for statistical purposes and is not used to identify individuals.

Opt-In E-mail Privacy Policy

Crafter Software maintains a strict "no spam" policy. Your e-mail address will not be sold to a third party if you sign up for any electronic communication we may offer. If you opt-in, you will receive only the e-mail newsletter or notifications you have requested. At any point, you can choose remove your e-mail address from our list and will not receive any future mailings.

The following is a description of how we use the information you provide us if you register for any training courses:

E-mail Address

We use your e-mail address to correspond with you regarding your order. We will send you detailed information about your order and the time and place where you must attend the training. We will also send you a reminder a few days before the training date.

Phone Number

We will only use your phone number to inform you of any problems regarding your order; if any.

Credit Card

We will only use your credit card information to charge you for the total amount of your order, or credit you in case of a refund. We do not retain your credit card information for any other purpose.