Finally a CMS that Moves the Ball Forward:
Crafter CMS

Traditional CMS platforms have made incremental improvements for marketing. However, CMS architecture has remained stagnant for nearly 20 years and has not kept pace with today's need to support a high rate of innovation, the ability to fit with modern DevOps and the ability to easily deploy in the elastic cloud.  Crafter CMS changes the game.

Any Digital Experience

Create any kind of digital experience from augmented reality to websites and everything in between.  Crafter CMS gives authors clean, easy-to-use web-based tools to create any kind of experience!

Rapid Innovation

Rapid innovation requires the right tools for the job.  Crafter CMS's Git-based, distributed repository makes it simple for teams to work locally and together on feature branches.  Finally development teams can do parallel development and work with their own tools, debuggers and process.

Elastic, Global Scalability

Crafter CMS's shared nothing architecture is cloud native and scales elastically and deploys globally to meet any performance demand.

A Modern CMS for Today's Needs

Innovate Quickly. Scale Globally.

Unlike traditional content management tools that were designed in the 90s to manage static pages on a website, Crafter CMS was built from the ground up to enable fast-paced, agile development of dynamic content and code for all types of digital experiences, combined with extremely simple elastic scalability in the cloud.

Great for Authors

Powerful. Easy to Use.

Any kind of content. Any kind of channel. Crafter CMS makes it easy for content creators to create and manage connected, personalized digital experiences for any type of customer.

From augmented and virtual reality to websites and portals, Crafter CMS gives your content team clean, easy-to-use web-based tools to manage the experiences for their targeted audience. Most CMS platforms have complex interfaces. Crafter CMS has a clean, simple in-context approach to content management that authors love along with advanced features like auditing, version history, content dependencies, workflow and much more.

Fantastic for Ops

Multi-tenant. Micro Service Based. Elastic.

Crafter CMS is high performance and elastically scalable. Manage a small footprint, scale effortlessly when you need to.

Crafter CMS is a dream come true for DevOps:

  • Moving the latest content to a Dev, QA or other lower environments is a Git pull away.
  • Deploying code to your global infrastructure is push button.
  • Continuous integration (CI) is native to Crafter CMS and it's Git-based repository
  • Full support for Crafter's unique DevContentOpsTM process

Amazing for Developers

Your Tech. Your Tools. Your Process.

Crafter is the most developer-friendly CMS on the planet. With Crafter's Git-based, distributed repository developers work locally with the tools they know and love. Collaboration is no problem either. Work with the rest of your agile team on a feature branch in parallel with other teams. Nothing accelerates development like Crafter CMS.

Easy to Use

Easy to use web based tools
Any Content
Any Experience
Any Channel

Git Based Repository

Distributed repository
Multi-file versioning
Time leap
Local developer tools
In-line debugging
Modern languages and platforms

Content Inheritence

Manage common content once
Support waterfall translation
Support hierarchical sites


Headless and Markup
Multi-channel publishing
Separate authoring and delivery

Enterprise Integration

Spring application stack
Consume and expose REST APIS
Powerful integration extension points

Elastic Scale

Effortless scaleout
Shared nothing architecture
Global and disconnected topology support