Building AI Chatbots with a Headless CMS on AWS

Building AI Chatbots with a Headless CMS on AWS

More than ever, customers are searching for a seamless digital experience with a focus on personalization, and enterprises need to respond. Gartner reports that the use of these chatbots has increased by 250% in the last year, as businesses focus on a complete digital experience with many touchpoints.

And as technology evolves, customers are expecting faster and smarter interactions for increased convenience. Layering powerful artificial intelligence (AI) on these chatbots provides the ability to exceed what was traditionally thought possible.

But the technical effort to implement these features can be a barrier to organizations who want to benefit from this smart technology. Leveraging a modern headless CMS can provide the foundation for easily building multi-channel experiences including interactive voice assistants and chatbots. Meanwhile, AWS provides a broad range of smart voice, chat, and AI/ML services. Combining an AWS-native headless CMS, like Crafter, with AWS services provides a compelling development platform for building AI-enabled chatbots.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about how you can improve your customer experience with AI chatbots and a headless CMS today!

Topics covered and what you will learn:

  • A review of the history and types of chatbots
  • An in-depth discussion of AWS’s backend services related to interactive voice, chat and AI/ML
  • A overview of Crafter CMS’s capabilities for building AI chatbots on AWS
  • A demo of a working chatbot built with Crafter CMS and Amazon Alexa

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